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Why People Buy Love Dolls?

Why do people choose realistic sex doll?

Why are they treated as purely sexual dolls, and why do other people love them like partners? Why are some people able to recognize their own souls, while others cannot? It seems to me that these questions have not been properly investigated and most importantly, not answered so far.

Once considered settled,real love doll have no real meaning.

They don't clean the house, they don't do the dishes, and they don't get from place A to place B quickly. Dolls are not a game, like Pokemon Go. however, it is a global phenomenon.

There is no standard as to who gets to be known as the reason people love lifelike sex doll.

There is no question of age, specific childhood, social status or IQ, nor is it limited to men. It doesn't even appeal to the "failed relationship" cliché. Because there are countless others out there. Sex dolls and romantic relationships with girlfriends, wives and partners can be maintained simultaneously. Psychoanalysis is quick to dismiss this phenomenon with terms like "delusions", "object fetish", "psychosis" and sometimes talks about "fear of loss of control" or "nasty conflicts", but there is no scientific basis for these terms.

There is no CT, no measurement of brain currents, or even any general hormonal changes. This proves why people decide they like adult dolls. There are no measurable genetic defects or genetic causes. There are countless cases of people who love a real doll and their brother, sister and all their brothers can't do anything about it, and I'm sure in the wide world there are even cases of identical twins having one. I love love dolls, others don't.

The reason I chose love doll remains a mystery to me.

Adult dolls may appeal more to people with imagination and creativity. But underrated dolls in art, music, writing and other creative fields suggest that this doesn't really explain the appeal of love dolls.

Even my best friend doesn't bother to explain anything. He is completely different from me; his childhood, his education and his life are all very different. He has a very different experience with relationships and is more introverted than I am. He likes the Middle Ages, I like the 80s. He is more extreme politically than I am, looks different, is young like me,surrounded by parents and siblings, but we both love our silicone dolls in the same way, we see their souls and love their natures and shells.

The phenomenon of love for real dolls has nothing to do with "cuddly toys". Neither he nor I had any cuddly toys, only a few during our childhood. There is absolutely no explanation as to why people fall in love with love dolls and why they do so in such radically different ways.

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Dolldoor sells the most realistic sex dolls

Sex dolls are basically one of the most popular sex products for adults. These love dolls are also known as doll love. They help the user to perform semi-realistic sexual acts. Usually people use sex mannequins to enhance the pleasure of masturbation. cheap sex dolls are available in the market in different sizes and shapes.

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Can sex dolls be a cure for loneliness?

The 21st century gave us many new inventions, especially when it comes to technology development. We are all witnesses to artificial intelligence being introduced to a broader audience. This change influenced all of the industries out there. The products are more efficient, our phones and listen and answer our questions. But there are also more unusual ways in which artificial intelligence has been used. One of them is putting AI inside a sex doll and turning it into a realistic and interactive mannequin. Let’s face it; a simple vibrator is becoming a thing of the past when it comes to sex gadgets. The development of sexbots and the massive demand for them also uncovered that we live in a lonely world and look out for ways in which we can feel less alone.

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Do You Need a Sex Doll on a Budget?

At Dolldoor, we have affordable, premium sex dolls to satisfy your sexual needs. All of our dolls feature manufacture with the best TPE silicone materials available. The hypoallergenic material ensures that you don’t experience an allergic reaction, and the design of the doll is so real that you’ll struggle to tell them from a real girl at a distance.

All Dolldoor sex dolls come with a metal skeleton that allows you to pose them in any position you want. Take a look through our range of top quality sex dolls, and you’ll find one that suits your needs. If you don’t, then you have the option to custom-build your mini sex doll from scratch.

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The back pages of Hustler and Playboy magazine were the first to feature the blow-up sex doll in the late 1960s. These vinyl dolls are nothing like the sex dolls of the modern era, and they have a lot more in common with a blow-up mattress than they do a sex toy.

Still, the dolls gained some popularity over the next 25-years. However, manufacturing innovation was slow over this period, and the blow-up was more of a comedy prop than a sex toy. It wasn’t until the release of the first “Real Doll” in 1996 that people started to take notice of sex dolls and the potential they have for the sex entertainment industry.

Sex Dolls Can Help Boost Mental Health

Loneliness is a severe mental health problem affecting millions of Americans. Wishing you could find a sex partner, but failing to find someone that will go on a date with you is a self-defeating exercise.

Maybe you recently moved to a new city, and you don’t know anyone. Buying a cheap sex dolls can help you fulfill your sexual needs while you adjust to your new environment.

Without regular sex, you can expect your mental health to take a turn for the worse. Loneliness can lead to the development of depression and anxiety, requiring you to seek a chemical solution to your problem in the form of dangerous prescription drugs.

Is Having Sex with a Sex Doll Cheating on Your Partner?

The answer to that question depends on your outlook on the situation. We think that having sex with a sex doll is no different than jerking off. It’s not like the doll has a personality and wants to marry you.

Keeping the cheap sex dolls from your partner is a different story altogether. Think about their response if they surprised you at your apartment, and found you fucking a sex doll. At first sight, the doll looks so real that they might think your cheating on them with a real person and run out of the room before you have a chance to explain. Either way, you can bet your girlfriend is going to dump you.

Are You Still Wondering if You Should Buy a Sex Doll?

With a 100cm sex doll, the sexual release you get is almost as good as the real thing. If you've ever dated a girl who was cold in the bedroom, sex with a sex doll can be more exciting than real sex.

Sex Anytime, Anywhere - Sex anytime, anywhere. Real girls don't like to have sex all the time. After the honeymoon period is over in your relationship, most couples end up having sex once or twice a week - if you're lucky.

With a sex doll, you never have to beg for sex; she's always there to meet your sexual needs when you need her, with no headaches or lame excuses to avoid sex with you.

Exclusive Anime&Silicone Sex Dolls
Product Video

Detail experience

This is one of our TPE anime sex dolls at dolldoor.

Just like the Binary moe girl in animation come to real life.Look at the dirty sexy thing in the screen:spurting and raging puffy breasts and sweet juicy pussy,isn't it making your sperm about to come out?

The experience of sex doll will only be more enjoyable and even more lusty to the heaven than fucking a real woman. You could get one without any worries.

silicone love doll April 06,2021
I'm also glad I chose dolldoor

This is the first time I purchased a doll from Dolldoor. The style, the realistic painting, the detailing, everything is wonderful. The proportions of the doll from the waist to the lower half of the body are very natural and beautiful. Not only the hands, but also the finger joints of the feet are well done, the eye movement is smooth, and the details are really well done. I was hesitant to buy this doll because it was expensive, but when I saw how well it was made, I was glad I bought it. I'm also glad I chose dolldoor as my dealer. It took two weeks from the time I placed my order to the time it arrived and during that time I was able to wait worry free because you answered all my questions and requests very carefully via email. Thank you very much.

silicone love doll Aug23,2021
She broke into my life

My doll is so pretty and beautiful that cannot be compared to the photos. I was very satisfied. I really feel as if I am living with a real woman. It's like living with a pet. I will cherish her forever.

silicone love doll April 26 , 2021
Mary 100CM cute big breast sex doll

First Look Evaluation The doll's head is so beautiful, but the eye movement is still difficult, so it needs to be improved. Breasts ★4 I chose this one because of her beautiful breasts, not because of her existing super hot 159 cm figure.The main purpose of this model is for photo shoots, so we suggest you wear the same size as the dress.However, the shape of the breasts is a bit saggy, so I think the shape needs to be improved. It's hard to say because it's a matter of preference, so I gave it a 4 out of 5.

silicone love doll April 26 , 2021
Mary 100CM cute big breast sex doll

The lightweight design allows you to move easily. The petite body of 100 cm can be easily hidden in your closet or under the bed. The lifelike body like a girly virgin brings you an excellent sex experience. The most amazing thing is the price that everyone can afford, making a doll of this size a popular TPE love dolls that men love. The mini love doll is a petite real love doll. It is the most popular adult doll. Mini TPE dolls are easy to move, easier to collect, and cheaper.

Common Problem

Why does my sex doll's makeup look different in different photos?

Even if the photos shown are of the same person, there may be differences in makeup. The reasons are as follows. The makeup of a sex doll can be improved and adjusted at any time.Adjustments may include, but are not limited to, eye shadow, lip color,eyebrow shape,eyelash shape, hair, and other slightly different items. Each sex doll's makeup is done completely by hand,so it cannot be exactly the same. The light,technique and angle can all cause visual errors.

Are the heads and bodies of sex dolls sold separately?

Not only are the heads and bodies of sex dolls sold separately, but you can continue to purchase the corresponding heads as long as you have not yet purchased the corresponding bodies.

Can I remove makeup from my real sex doll?

The makeup of a sex doll is applied through a secret special process and does not come off under normal circumstances. It can be interpreted as a coating. As the player continues to rub and play with it, the coating will gradually fade.

What are the advantages of True Love dolls compared to traditional inflatable sex dolls?

Compared to inflatable sex dolls, real love dolls have more realistic body details and more perfect faces. Real love dolls can do more movements, while inflatable sex dolls can only modify one position. Realistic feel more like a person.

Is the head of the Real Love doll universal?

From an installation point of view, the head of a sex doll can be used in the same way, but the size of the body and the size of the head may not match due to differences in height, shortness, thickness, thinness, etc.

What are the criteria used to define the production date of a real sex doll?

The date of production is not calculated from the beginning, but from the time of completion. For example, if the doll was produced on November 11 and painted on November 12, that means the full body was completed on November 11 and the painting was completed on November 12. Installed.

Our company is engaged in the research and development of adult goods (love dolls, masturbators, etc.), and we even produce our own brand products, mainly real love dolls. We export and sell our products not only to Japan, but also to Southeast Asian countries, European countries, and the United States. Most of the sites in Japan currently sell our products as distributors, but we have a state-of-the-art technical team that develops, produces, and sells our own products. In addition, dolldoor also handles the products of other manufacturers. We are also one of the largest distributors in the industry. We have the best service to meet the needs of our customers. Please purchase your love doll from dolldoor.

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The doll's clothes are only for display We provide sexy underwearBut we don't provide the same clothes as the photosEurope 18~25 Days

These are estimated delivery times only, We do nt guaranteeing delivery dates,Shipping Times:USA 7~15 Days

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After placing the order,it will take about 5-7 days to start producing this doll(The USA stock is in stock And the goods can be picked up faster)

The doll's clothes are only for display We provide sexy underwearBut we don't provide the same clothes as the photosEurope 18~25 Days

These are estimated delivery times only, We do nt guaranteeing delivery dates,Shipping Times:USA 7~15 Days

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