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Question about sex dolls

Why does my sex doll's makeup look different in different photos?

Even if the photos shown are of the same person, there may be differences in makeup. The reasons are as follows. The makeup of a sex doll can be improved and adjusted at any time.Adjustments may include, but are not limited to, eye shadow, lip color,eyebrow shape,eyelash shape, hair, and other slightly different items. Each sex doll's makeup is done completely by hand,so it cannot be exactly the same. The light,technique and angle can all cause visual errors.

Are the heads and bodies of sex dolls sold separately?

Not only are the heads and bodies of sex dolls sold separately, but you can continue to purchase the corresponding heads as long as you have not yet purchased the corresponding bodies.

Can I remove makeup from my real sex doll?

The makeup of a sex doll is applied through a secret special process and does not come off under normal circumstances. It can be interpreted as a coating. As the player continues to rub and play with it, the coating will gradually fade.

What are the advantages of True Love dolls compared to traditional inflatable sex dolls?

Compared to inflatable sex dolls, real love dolls have more realistic body details and more perfect faces. Real love dolls can do more movements, while inflatable sex dolls can only modify one position. Realistic feel more like a person.

Is the head of the Real Love doll universal?

From an installation point of view, the head of a sex doll can be used in the same way, but the size of the body and the size of the head may not match due to differences in height, shortness, thickness, thinness, etc.

What are the criteria used to define the production date of a real sex doll?

The date of production is not calculated from the beginning, but from the time of completion. For example, if the doll was produced on November 11 and painted on November 12, that means the full body was completed on November 11 and the painting was completed on November 12. Installed.

Will sex dolls eventually replace real people?

The goal of Real Love Dolls is to create the most realistic simulation of a sex doll possible. Will sex dolls eventually replace real people? We have rejected this question many times on different occasions. We are not creators, we can't create "people". We just want to make sex dolls as close to a person as possible, or as close to the essence of "beauty" as possible, but "replacement" is not an issue in our thinking. We don't want to trick you into buying a sex doll with vague descriptions, but we want you to choose one for yourself after careful consideration and weighing.

Can True Love dolls add intelligent voice function?

The production principle is similar to the tens of dollars of vocal toys in the supermarket. It can only mechanically speak some pre-set language, which is completely contrary to our idea." Intelligent voice". As a requirement, we called this sound system "low energy sound". We continue to invest a lot of money and human resources to develop more intelligent language systems and mechanical structures. During the development process, we also received strong support from several experts from Wada University and Dalian University of Technology. We are very proud of the fact that we can make sex dolls "smart" in life. Stand up. In fact, we are certainly at the forefront of sex doll manufacturers in developing intelligence. This can't be done overnight and the time for commercialization is far from over, but we are willing to put in a little effort. Let's make more sex dolls. They are perfect.

Can the real dolls touch the bathing liquid when bathing?

As a general rule, it is recommended to start the description with the word "clean". You can't throw the TV in the tub for a bath, but you can wipe it down with a cloth periodically. Before cleaning your sex doll's wife, you should first understand its structure so that you can decide which cleaning method is more appropriate. The structure of the Horcrux is made up of a metal skeleton and the skin of the Horcrux from the inside out. Now, you will see the metal, which means you have to be careful with the natural enemy of "water". The recommended cleaning method is frequent wiping with talcum powder as the main cleaning method, the frequency of which can be adjusted at will depending on the weather and the amount of oil discharged from the hobo. Supplement with a shower. Do not use hot water when cleaning. The standard for this hot water is water that does not produce steam. The only part of the sex doll that can enter the water is the neck. The only advantage is that as long as it is protected, it is safe. The disadvantage is that once the water is in, it is very difficult to get back out. It will corrode over time. Metal parts and odors, so handle with care. Body wash from authorized manufacturers is completely safe, but we do not recommend using body wash regularly because it is a chemical product.

What are the customization options for the True Love doll? Can it be fully customized according to my requirements?

The options that can be freely combined include eye color, skin color, bone color, lower body hair, head, high tone and low tone (i.e. choice of toe bone). As for full customization, it is not currently supported for the following reasons Including portrait rights. The cost of independent production is too high for the average purchaser to afford. Artistic creations may not exactly match personal aesthetics, and the question of "likeness or unlikeness" is often controversial.

Why are sex dolls more expensive than regular inflatable sex dolls or sex dolls made of TPE material?

Dozens of people, including model artists, engineers, makeup artists, assemblers, mold makers, and cleaners, work from planning to completion on a sex doll. The process of making a real sex doll is a labor-intensive and technology-intensive industry. The process is labor-intensive and technology-intensive. The final price is slightly higher because 95% of the production work must be done by hand. Real love dolls are made of food-grade polymers, and the cost of raw materials is much higher than TPE or inflatable sex dolls.

James April 26 , 2021

The doll is hands down the best, looks and feels so real, definitely recommend 5 Stars!!!

Simon August 20 , 2021

Product is way too heavy at 52 lbs., but excellent in design and function. The material is very realistic in terms of 'real feel'. Better than I had imagined.

Jimmy May 02, 2021

I don’t think I’m ever gonna need a girlfriend again this toy is amazing and so life like I thought it would be bigger but it’s still amazing and I love it more than anything

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