A Brief History of Sex Dolls

The back pages of Hustler and Playboy magazine were the first to feature the blow-up sex doll in the late 1960s. These vinyl dolls are nothing like the sex dolls of the modern era, and they have a lot more in common with a blow-up mattress than they do a sex toy.

Still, the dolls gained some popularity over the next 25-years. However, manufacturing innovation was slow over this period, and the blow-up was more of a comedy prop than a sex toy. It wasn’t until the release of the first “Real Doll” in 1996 that people started to take notice of sex dolls and the potential they have for the sex entertainment industry.

The Real Doll was a smashing success, but it did have some flaws. The doll featured design and construction with silicone instead of vinyl skin. The result was a doll that had sculpted, realistic features, and smooth, soft skin.

However, the Real Doll was heavy, and the silicone skin did feel somewhat rubbery to the touch. With the rise in demand for lifelike sex dolls, more manufacturers started entering the industry. In 2020, innovations in polymer technology and sex doll manufacturing now see dolls made with TPE, a type of polymer that feels like touching real human skin.

Today’s sex dolls are so realistic that you might confuse them for a real girl at a distance. With technology continuing to advance and AI developing at a rapid pace, it won’t be long before we see autonomous sex robots that can communicate with you. Imagine if your real sex doll could scream in pleasure while you bring her to orgasm.

How To Purchase Fuck Dolls?

If you’re looking to buy sex dolls, then the best way to get what you need is from an online manufacturer. Sure, you can pick up sex dolls on sites like Amazon, but most of them are of inferior quality. If you want the best sex dolls available, you’ll have to deal with an independent manufacturer like

Independent manufacturers spend money on the research and development of cheap sex dolls to bring you love dolls that offer you a realistic sexual experience. The quality of the materials is excellent, with top-quality design and construction.

All you need to do to purchase your new TPE lover is to log onto the website and choose your doll. After making your selection and adding your customizable options, you make your payment, and the system processes your order. 3-weeks later, your new realistic real-life sex doll arrives on your doorstep ready for sex.

Shopping online for your sex doll is far safer and less embarrassing than visiting a sex shop for your new mini sex doll. By shopping online, you get to make your selection in the privacy of your home, without anyone bearing judgment on your decision.

If you try to buy a sex doll in a sex shop, there are limits on the options you have available. The store might only stock a few models or one or two premium dolls. When you order your sex doll online, you have dozens of base models to choose from, and plenty of fuck doll customizable options. By ordering online, you get to live your fantasy, instead of what the retailer thinks you’ll like.

Where to Buy Top Rated Sex Dolls?

If you’re looking to buy a premium sex doll online, then the best option is With Dolldoor, you get the choice of dozens of base models. We have sex dolls in a variety of ethnicities, and we’re always adding new dolls to our range.

With Dolldoor, you not only get the best variety of choices from an independent sex doll manufacturer, but you’re also getting value for your money. Dolldoor might be at the premium end of the pricing range, but the sex dolls are all top-quality.

We use premium TPE materials in all of our dolls. We take the time to design and mold our sex dolls into works of art. Our anime sex doll have lifelike features, anatomically correct bodies, and sex parts, as well as posable skeletons; you can move into any position you want.

With, you get the best sex doll experience, the best customer service, and the best product range available online.

Sex Doll FAQ

Here are some of the common questions asked by our clients. If you can’t find an answer to your query here, then contact Dolldoor directly for an answer to your question, the support team is waiting to help you out.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Sex Dolls?

Buying a sex doll is like buying a car; you wouldn’t take the first car you see on the lot, would you? There’s some due diligence you need to do before you decide on your purchase. Fortunately, we’ve done most of that for you in this guide.

Buying sex dolls through Dolldoor gives you the best value for your money, as well as discreet shipping. With Dolldoor, you get premium products that last for years. Live your fantasy and place your order for your new sex partner today.

What Can a Sex Doll Do?

Realistic sex dolls provide you with the most lifelike sexual experience possible from a sex toy. These dolls all feature an anatomically correct vagina, anus, and mouth, designed for maximum erotic pleasure.

Unlike the old sex dolls that would have continually gaping mouths, your sex doll has lips that part when she takes your cock in her mouth. Anal sex with a sex doll is just like the real thing, and her pussy feels like the genuine article when you lube her up.

Who Is Buying Sex Dolls?

Dolldoor ship internationally to most countries around the world. We have clients in many different locations, and with many different backgrounds.

Owning a sex doll helps people battle loneliness or helps them through a tough time after a divorce or ending a long relationship. Dolldoor also make sex dolls for both men and women, as well as straight and gay as well. Whatever your sexual preference, we have the right sex doll for you.

Sex Dolls Price Ranges

If you decide to buy your sex doll from an online manufacturer, make sure it’s from a reputable dealer. There are dozens of sex doll items available on sites like Amazon. However, many of these products are of inferior quality and are a waste of your money. They may appear affordable because they’re cheap, but you’ll get less service life out of the sex toy.

Some manufacturers might only sell you the head or the torso of a doll, ruining your expectations of a full-size love doll. Cheap dolls can go for $100 to $200, but they’ll fall apart in months. When you buy a premium sex doll from, you might have to spend between $900 to $2,600, depending on the doll you choose, and the customizations you want.

However, you’ll get a high-quality sex doll that you can use for years, along with the best customer service in the industry.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Sex Doll?

There are so many benefits to owning a realistic sex doll. Men need sex to remain sane. When you go without pussy for a while, you’ll notice that you start feeling short-tempered. You feel agitated and irritated easily, and find yourself frustrated in social situations.

Owning a sex doll is a great way to relieve the tension and stabilize your mood. Loneliness is a real problem throughout the world. A sex doll helps you maintain your mental health when you’re finding it hard to get a new partner.

What Are the Differences in Sex Doll Materials?

The original “Real Doll” featured design and construction with silicone. This manufacturing technique was a revolution over the traditional vinyl used in previous versions of sex dolls. However, the doll’s skin did feel tough and a bit on the rubbery side.

TPE changed this dynamic of sex dolls, producing a lifelike skin that holds body heat while remaining hypoallergenic.

Where to Store Your Sex Doll?

It’s best to store your new sex partner out of the direct sunlight, and away from moisture. A cool, dark cupboard is the ideal storage unit for your new TPE doll.

If you travel often, then take your sex doll on a road trip with you. offers a case accessory for your doll, with no visible branding. Carry her into your hotel with your other bags, and no one will be the wiser.

How Realistic is Sex with a Sex Doll?

Today’s modern TPE silicone sex dolls feature lifelike features and soft skin that feels like you’re caressing a real woman.

After lubing her up, her pussy, mouth, and asshole feel soft and slippery, with the right amount of suction and resistance during sex. Your sex doll’s pussy is so tight that it will feel like you’re fucking a virgin, every time you have sex.

Are Sex Dolls Legal?

Relax, ordering, or owning a sex doll is not a crime in the developed world. Most countries are forward-thinking and progressive, and they realize sex toys don’t present any type of physical threat to the health and safety of the public.

Some countries, such as Canada, might have limitations on the height and looks of the sex doll. This restriction is to prevent the promotion of child sexual abuse. However, Canada is liberal with its laws involving sex dolls, and it was the first country to open a sex doll brothel in 2018.

Is It Safe to Buy Fuck Dolls from

When you place your order with, we value your patronage and your privacy. Our privacy policy states that we will never share your information with anyone under any circumstances. Our secure site features SSL certification for secure, encrypted transactions that protect your identity and your payment information.

When we ship your doll to your address, we use unmarked packaging. The delivery service and your nosy neighbors will have no idea of what’s inside the box you’re receiving.

Dolldoor – Superior Customer Service

Customer service is where we aim to stand out from our competition. When you buy sex dolls from Dolldoor, we welcome you into our client base with open arms.

You have access to our diligent and friendly customer service department for all your concerns with your new sex doll. We offer all of our clients’ satisfaction guarantees with your doll, and we aim to live up to our promise.

How Do You Pay for Your Sex Doll?

When checking out from Dolldoor with your new sex partner, you have a variety of secure payment options available to you. We accept payment through credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

We also accept payment through PayPal, making your online transaction a seamless experience. The checkout process is quick, and you’ll receive confirmation of your order and payment directly into your inbox after completing your purchase.

Which Countries Do Dolldoor Ship to? ships sex dolls internationally to a variety of countries. If you live in a country outside of Europe, Japan, or America, then contact our customer service department.

Our friendly consultants will help you with determining the costs of shipping to your international address.

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