Who are we?

dolldoor is a franchiser of high-end sex dolls. dolldoor was established in 2019 and now has a stable customer base after years of rapid development. We cooperate with manufacturers who are already well-known in the industry to form an industry-exclusive high-end alliance, which is the world’s first-class platform for selling sex dolls. Unlike other franchisers who only focus on selling products from high-end brands, we focus on putting high-end into service while building a perfect sales channel for brands we work with, and we will provide you with the most thoughtful and thorough customer service all the time. Through our accumulation of experiences in sales and service in all aspects along with continuous optimization and improvement, we have carried out the industry’s top sales and service system. So, the best companion that has only appeared in your fantasy will now be perfectly brought into the reality, and accompanied by your side!

Everything that dolldoor has accomplished today comes from the support of sex doll lovers. To meet your needs, we cooperate with and have been granted authorizations by well-known doll manufacturers such as WM Doll, 6Ye Doll, Irontech Doll, etc. We are to offer better services to our customers with the support of those manufacturers, so that we can satisfy more requirements from more sex doll lovers.

Why dolldoor?

The most authoritative way of anti-counterfeiting authentication.

Nowadays, there are more brand imitations on the market, and their degree of authenticity is often difficult to distinguish, which can greatly affect your trust in your purchase. Thus, dolldoor is providing you with two ways of verifying our products’ authenticity in order to guarantee that your rights will not be compromised. The first is that all our products can be authenticated through the manufacturer’s exclusive anti-counterfeiting code we provide on the official website, and the anti-counterfeiting code and the doll you receive will be a match. The other way is through video verification – by showing you every step of our sex doll production. So that you can be more assured when purchasing and using the doll, which also reflects more of our professionalism and thoughtful services.

Local repair services.

You can contact us online, call us, or email us at dolldoor.com@outlook.com if you encounter problems such as damage or destruction when using your doll. If the damage is minor and you are willing as well as able to fix it yourself, we will provide you with fixing videos and mail you a full set of fixing tools to ensure that your beloved sex doll is restored to its original condition. We also offer local repair. You can send your doll to a local repair spot and we will be the “guardian” of your doll for a while. In addition, because of the high cost of materials, we will charge a reasonable fee.

Services before and after the purchase.

In the spirit of a thorough service, we will provide you with physical pictures of your order before shipment as well as a production confirmation chart after production to ensure that you receive a doll that will satisfy you 100%. If the doll is damaged anyhow due to shipping, we will replace the doll for you for free. If you have any concerns when it comes to buying or using the doll, we can be reached via email, phone, or the live chat service on our website, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have at any time. Every customer’s comments and questions are a stepping stone for our team to move up the ladder.

Abundant customization services tailored to you.

As the founder of a high-end product alliance, product diversification and personalization is necessary to us. Therefore, we provide the most comprehensive customization service in the industry. A personalized customization service will bring out unique sex dolls. Just as creating a video game character, more customization options mean getting infinitely closer to that perfect doll in your fan When you tell us your needs, we will choose the right factory for you. For details of the customization service, please click:How to Customize Sex Doll?

There are numerous sex dolls.

dolldoor will provide you with dolls that are of higher-end and better quality, so that you do not need to worry about distinguishing cheap dolls if you have a desire for higher quality sex dolls. Youare more than welcome to check out dolldoor for buying your doll according to multiple categorizations such as body type, height, look, etc.

About Our Factory

Here, we will show you our factory. Pictures include the display area, semi-finished body mounting area, doll head storage area, working area, love doll packing area, and shipping area.

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